A bit about our core engineering team...


Steven Dabic, Product Manager

Steven oversees the product development life cycle as well as specific engineering challenges. He specializes in computer vision algorithms, machine learning methods, embedded system design, electronics, reverse engineering, hardware design, as well as business intelligence, patent specifications, and prior art research. He uses MATLAB, C++, C#, Tableau, and Excel. Steven holds a US Patent and operates several businesses, including a local restaurant. Steven received his B.S. in Applied Mathematics from M.I.T.


George Sakhel, Lead engineer

George wears many hats at OC Data Science including software development, user interface design, embedded systems, testing, hardware machining & prototyping, and oversees all IT. He uses Python, Arduino, Excel, Solidworks & various scripting languages. George has also run other businesses and was an early adopter of Bitcoin, which he still remains on the forefront of. George received his B.S. and Masters degrees in Bioengineering from University of Arkansas.


Daniel wallengren, Lead developer

Daniel can build almost any application you can imagine. He does software development, UX & UI, embedded systems, prototyping and overseas projects involving crowdsourced work platforms such as Mechanical Turk. He uses Java, C#, Arduino, Python, Javascript, SQL, R, MATLAB and several other languages. Daniel also knows more about Disneyland than anyone you've ever met. Daniel received his B.S. in Computer Science from University of Redlands.