When cameras are combined with computers powerful things can happen.

Quality cameras and powerful computing have become so cheap that new opportunities are abundant.

We appreciate this and have built the in-house expertise to deliver a wide variety of computer vision solutions.

We have a deep understanding of the most common constraints and know how best to optimize speed, cost & accuracy of any solution.

Machine Learning

Generally, the solutions we deliver take the form of software that makes a decision.

For example: accept this, reject that or market to this person, not that person, etc. 

So naturally we’re interested in how software can make the best decisions now and make even better decisions in the future.

Thus we’ve developed an expertise in machine learning. Providing a framework which, under the right conditions, helps improve decisions automatically by leveraging experience gained in the form of data.

Whenever we design something we ask ourselves 'how can we make this solution improve itself automatically'?

We apply machine learning to many of our technical problems, but we’ve also used it in business intelligence consulting in the context of:

  • Product Recommendations
  • Personalization
  • Search/Rank Optimization
  • Inventory & Sales Models
  • Seasonal Sales Trend Analysis
  • Product Trend Analysis
  • Fraudulent Transaction Detection
  • Churn Analysis
  • Email Campaign Send Frequency & Optimization
  • Subscription Lifetime Forecasting
  • Referral/Loyalty Program Effectiveness
  • Survey Response Analysis
  • Customer Cohort Design & Segmentation
  • Cart Abandonment Analysis


At our core, we’re problem solvers - we get from A to B.

Whether that requires using our skills in mathematics, software, electronics and mechanical engineering, or shifting gears and overseeing manufacturing, coordinating subcontractors, and generating patent specifications, we do it.

Clients approach us with problems spanning a wide domain and we’re happy to wear the hats required to achieve their goals.

However, our favorite projects often build on our background in computer vision & machine learning.